Meet the Owner...

Totally in Love with Venetian Plaster

My name is Letitia Peterson and what I can't get enough of with Venetian plaster, is the sense of life and depth it brings to a space!

The sheer idea of being able to reconstitute  particles of marble and limestone back into stone, but in a new place and in a new way is breath stealing. 

I'm drawn to the unique and interesting...the nature of Venetian Plaster guarantees endless two spaces will ever be the same!

Think Green. Made in Italy. BeriCalce

The Products

Muse Modern Finishes uses premium quality products imported from Italy.

They contain high purity lime, finely ground marble, and natural pigments. 

Muse Modern Finishes

The Company

Muse Modern Finishes is based in Edmonton, AB.

You can have confidence that I will personally see  your project through from start to finish.

My goal is to keep Muse Modern Finishes small and personal, and to deliver exceptional customer service.

I value clear communication and honoring my scheduling commitments.